Software Development

When I was an BSc. Computer Science undergraduate at University of Colombo, I joined an incubator project in University to develop Palm OS based software.

I developed my final year project based on data encryption in PalmOS 4.0 with the help of the training I received on Palm OS based software development.

As soon after my graduation I joined the project in full time basis as a temporary research developer in University of Colombo.

Later on the project sponsors decided to setup their own company detaching with University of Colombo. So I became a Founder member of PalmTec Sri Lankan branch.

We developed software for various platforms. Most of them are solo projects, so I get vast experience of projects in and out. Now I have written software in following platforms
  1. Palm OS
  2. Windows OS
  3. Android
  4. Cross Platform ( Java )
  5. iPhone ( being developed )