Live Bespoke Sites

 Tomeraider Book Database

  • Fully Ajax Site to display book information
  • Although this is an ajax site, site developed in a manner that crawlers like Google and Yahoo can see the human readable categorized url structure
  • Site hits doubled after the new version of this site
  • MySQL full text search to search within uploaded books
  • Admin area consists of book uploading, category management, view book stats etc
  • Tech Used : PHP, MySQL, Ajax, Smarty templating, Search Engine Optimization

International Pharmaceutical Students' Federation

  • Fully Bespoke Community site developed in PHP.
  • Bespoke CMS with page adding, editing, menu items management
  • Multiple access privilege levels for various areas of the system
  • Event manager to manage events/emails
  • EGroup functionality similar to PhpBB ( with less features tailored to customer needs ).
  • Email manager to manage egroup threads via emails
  • Newsletter via phpList ( this is the only third party plug in )
  • Underlying Technologies : PHP, MySQL, Ajax, Smarty templating, phpList for the newsletter

Coco Marie Fashion - Style - Lingerie

  • Bespoke site with Product Catalog management
  • Product Search
  • Product category management
  • Tailor made CMS
  • Site news section management
  • Underlying Technologies : PHP, MySQL, Ajax, Smarty templating